Wafer Edge Screener
HP 15K
profiles the wafer edge thickness
quantifies broken and chipped wafer edges
differentiates between upper and lower wafer edge defects
measures wafer bow
works with opaque or transparent wafers independently of any wafer surface
generates 3D thin wafer models for accurate single step pre-alignment
logs wafer edge defects for statistical analysis
works as stand-alone system with fully embedded data processing
classifies wafers according to SEMI Standard

Save inspection time
Precisely profile wafer edges during common wafer pre-alignment processes and boost throughput.

Maximise Equipment Uptime
Reliably identify damaged wafer edges before running critical operations and avoid in-process wafer breakage

Increase Yield
Easily identify processes as well as equipment responsible for edge defects and optimise production.

Wafer Edge Inspection
Wafer Edge Screeners quantify upper and lower edge defects as well as broken edges by profiling the wafer edge thickness.

Wafer Bow Measurement
Wafer Edge Screeners determine wafer bow to ensure safe handling.

Thin Wafer Pre-alignment
Wafer Edge Screeners determine the most accurate pre-alignment parameters by incorporating wafer bow data.

Analytics and Statistics
Wafer Edge Screeners acquire data of wafer defects for statistical analysis and provide direct connectivity to your Manufacturing Execution System.

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