iFuture Intellectual Property Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai iFutureIP”) was founded in 2012, and owns Shanghai iFuture Intellectual Property Agency Firm. Shanghai iFutureIP aims to contribute to future value. To this end, it provides high value-added services along the whole industry chain by focusing on technological innovations, attaching great importance to the in-depth integration of intellectual properties with industries, and fully leveraging its advantages in technology, law and data. Since its establishment, Shanghai iFutureIP has been reported more than ten times by China Intellectual Property News, Shanghai Sci-tech News, and Pudong Times.

Shanghai iFutureIP is committed to providing clients with a full range of intellectual property solutions, and has set up nine service centers such as Comprehensive Patent Information and Intelligence Application, Precise Patent Information and Intelligence Application, Thematic Research Reports, Intellectual Property Agency, Intellectual Property Management, Patent Database, IPO & VC, Legal Operation, and Sci-tech Project Services. Shanghai iFutureIP aims to “Contribute to Innovation and Future Value”. For this purpose, Shanghai iFutureIP shares its wisdom by “perseveringly and pioneeringly” providing comprehensive technical support and legal services in intellectual properties for clients’ technological innovation and business development.

As the forerunner and leader of patent information and intelligence analysis in Shanghai and even in China and a national-level model of intellectual property evaluation services, Shanghai iFutureIP has cumulatively completed more than 1,000 corporate intellectual property strategy consultation and analysis reports. Shanghai iFutureIP is committed to the integration of intellectual properties with venture capital, equity financing and IPO to help enterprises maximize their commercial values. It has counseled many sci-tech innovation enterprises in successfully listed on Sci-Tech Innovation Board (STAR Market).

Shanghai iFutureIP has set up three research centers for intellectual property integration with industries, namely, iFuture Sci-tech Innovation, Chip IP Valley and Health IP Valley.


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