APRO Inc. is a company specialized in comprehensive test and evaluation of materials and parts and research & development.
Major Tasks

1) Testing & Analysis
Supporting a characteristic analysis (electromagnetism, optical, fine structure, mechanical, particular material and base material, thermal) and parts analysis, structure analysis.

2) Failure Analysis
Determining the causes of product design and process defects and field failures, and propose the solutions.

3) Reliability
Supporting the enhancement of SMEs’ product reliability by providing reliability consultations and related support to SMEs struggling with lack of equipment and personnel.

4) Research & Development
Conducting a research and development in materials, parts, and products, and process improvement. Providing a technology transfer service and training on R&D results to relevant businesses.

5) Education & Training
Providing on-the-job training to deal rapidly with various Difficulties, failure analysis, and reliability issues, which arise in the company’s production site and R&D process.

6) Material Design
Supporting selection, application, and evaluation of materials.


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