Sioux is a high tech services and solutions provider for a wide
range of industries including Semicon, Analytics, Medical and Automotive.

Our strength lies in the unique combination of high-quality engineering
competences in software, mechanics, optics, mechatronics, electronics and mathematics.

Sioux has a wealth of experience in precise wafer and substrate handling, ultra-precise motion, extreme conditioning, optical metrology, equipment control software, workflow automation, system monitoring, machine learning and data analysis which are important factors for OEMs in the semiconductor industry.

Areas we focus on:
Front-end processing
• Lithography
• Electron beam maskless lithography
• Thin film depositioning (CVD, PVD)
• Ion implantation
• Etching
• Rapid thermal processing
Back-end processing
• Flip-chip & die attach
• Surface mount technology
• Laser wafer dicing
• Die & wire-bonding
• Lithography for Advanced
• Wafer inspection


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