FA software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a professional software company providing total solutions in high-tech manufacturing industry such as semiconductor, solar and LED, which include products, services and technical consulting regarding Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Equipment Automation Program (EAP), Receipt Management System (RMS), Data Analysis System (EDA), Fault Detection & Classification(FDC) and Master Data Management (MDM).

Since its establishment in 1999, FA software has cultivated semiconductor, solar and LED industry, and delivered software solutions to numerous industry-leading companies. FA software has multiple subsidiaries in Chengdu, Hefei, Beijing, Xi’an, Wuhan, Singapore and Malaysia with its headquarter located in Shanghai, and grows to 250 employees. New product myCIM 4.0 launched in 2019 fills the gap of localization of MES applied in 12-inch semiconductor production lines, which makes FA software to become the first local software company owing independent intellectual property rights of full-automatic semiconductor CIM software. 

As an innovative IT supplier for high-tech manufacturing industry in China, FA software helps numerous customers with production and dispatch management, and provides software development and system integration services for many international high-tech manufacturing enterprises in China mainland, China Taiwan, USA, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippine. We enjoy a good reputation and set an indisputable industry benchmark. 

FA software will continue to serve manufacturing companies in semiconductor, solar and LED industry, and to provide more flexible and stable total solution and relative services, with the purpose of creating more value for customers. 


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