Miraetech Co., Ltd. was established in June 2015 as a company that assembles and produces modules that are the basis of optical and wireless communications.

Optical module packaging
Si Photonics
Optical sensor modules
COB types
RF module packaging
COB types
QFN packages
Customer package types
Optical coupling
Optical fiber array to waveguide
LD - Lens - Optical fiber
Epoxy/Eutectic bonding
Material:Conductive epoxy, Non conductive epoxy,
Sintering paste, Eutectic Au/Sn

Precision die attach:Min. die size : 0.2mm square
Rotation accuracy: <+/- 1 degree

Position accuracy: <+/- 10 um

Light source packaging
Bulb types (parabolic reflectors)
TO types
Mini-dil types
Butterfly types
Micro optics components

Ball, Wedge, Ribbon bonding
Au wire ball bonding
17.8 to 50um wire diameter
Au, Al wedge bonding
17.8 to 50um wire diameter
Ribbon bonding
up to 8um wire width
Stud Bumping
Au 25um wire diameter
Ball bonding
Ball bonding (Au) : 17.8 to 50 um wire diameter
Wedge bonding
Wedge bonding (Au, Al) : 17.8 to 50 um wire diameter
Ribbon bonding
Ribbon bonding: Au 2 mil to 8 mil wire width
stud bump
Stud bumping Au 1 mil

Bonding accuracy : 1.5 um (Typ. <1.0 um)
Available for multi-channel bonding by using discrete chip
Available for custom made of submount (SiOB, Glass and AlN etc.)

Si Photonics devices
Diffractive optics elements
Lens, Mirror
Optical geometry systems
Optical light modules for spectroscopy
Optical PCB
High speed PCB
-PCB artwork


Optical, RF test jig
Optical fiber array

Creative and practical fiber arrays with functionality
Excellent accuracy of fiber core position
Low insertion loss and high reliability
Si & glass based fiber array available
PD integrated fiber array for optical power monitoring
Available for PM fiber array by customization
AR coating available