Since the establishment of Wada Stainless Kogyo Co., Ltd. as a corporate body in 1964, our mission has been to contribute the society by producing products and providing services of which are matched needs in the market. In order for us to achieve this mission, we have actively made effort to develop new technologies and techniques, and high-productivity manufacturing methods by utilizing the superb characteristics of stainless steel.
  We have aimed to fulfill the craftsmanship and providing related services to the customer through entire manufacturing process which are not only limited to fabrication and welding but also included surface finishing and washing, from research and product development to quality assurance, verification features and/or applying various legal certifications.
  We, as a whole member of corporation, hope to correspond to the market needs sensitively, aim to become a company of customer satisfaction, and contribute to the society without being self-satisfied in the current circumstances.
  Right now, we provide various stainless steel canisters for precursors in ALD/CVD process for customers in China, including TMA, TDMAT, TEOS, TCS, EBR, HfCL4 etc..