Vacuum Engineering & Materials is a leading manufacturer of high-purity thin film materials used in the semiconductor, wireless, photonics, LED, data storage, aerospace & defense and life sciences markets. We provide PVD sputtering targets, evaporation materials, target bonding services, crucible liners, shield cleaning and reclaim services. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 30 years of experience, VEM serves over 350 customers globally and has a track record for providing outstanding service and support.

Vacuum Engineering & Materials, Inc. is a full service, high purity PVD Materials supplier and stocking distributor serving the semiconductor, III-V compound, Photonics, Disk Media, Microwave and Hybrid Industries. Included within the product offering are sputtering targets and evaporation materials- available in single element metals, alloys, precious metals, composites, intermetallics, dielectrics, and ceramics. Other products and services include E-Beam crucible liners, bulk high purity in organics, backing plates, precious metals reclaim and in-house target bonding.