SMART Photonics is a Pure Play InP Foundry with production located in Eindhoven, The
Netherlands. The company was founded in 2012 after a long history in Philips and JDSU,
which is reflected in the III-V production expertise of its team. As an independent foundry,
SMART Photonics offers a unique generic integration technology for production of InP
based photonic integrated circuits (PICs), based either on a customer specific process, or
on SMART Photonics own Process Design Kit (PDK).

We offer our knowledge, expertise and capabilities only to support our customer.
As a Pure Play Foundry we offer our customers different services:
1. New Product support, both for discrete as well as integrated photonic circuits.
 From proof of concept phase to volume production phase.
2. Multi Project Wafer (MPW). Low threshold access to SMART Photonics integration
technology and Process Design Kit (PDK). The MPW runs are scheduled on a quarterly
basis to ensure fast and cost-effective proto-typing.
3. Specific processes, such as Epitaxial re-growth and high resolution lithography.
BH DFB Laser
Sidewall gratings
SMART Photonics has a dedicated III-V production location
for processing both 2” and 3” wafers, which is set up for
InP wafers. Processing of other III-V materials is possible
on request (except for epitaxial growth).
• Photonic components, ranging from photo-diodes, SOAs
and SLEDs to DFB and EML lasers (both buried and ridge
• Photonic Integrated Circuits, based either on a customer
specific process, or on SMART Photonics own generic
integration process.


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