Established in 1980, Yankey Engineering Co. Ltd., specialized in development and planning of HVAC techniques (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) of food mills in early years. As Taiwan’s economy boosted and upgraded by time, in 1985 Yankey officially expanded it's business scope to Electronics Industry field, then to Panel, Solar Power, Semiconductor, Photoelectric, Biotech Industry fields, etc.; in all these years Yankey has served uncountable clients.

With the headquarter set in Linkou, Taiwan, Yankey Group has set branch offices in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan for extension of business map, and further engaged in strategical planning for mainland China’s market in response to the timing of golden cross of globalization and development of cross-strait relationship.  Up to now, Yankey has established branch offices in quite a few areas in China, such as Suzhou and Dongguan, and served many corporations.  Yankey has successfully taken a steady first step of developing it’s business domain in mainland China’s market.

In 21st century, Yankey keeps to focus on MEP turn-key engineering services  of HVAC system and clean room of high-tech fab, commercial and office buildings, hotels, medical centers, etc.   To survive in the market of technique-intensive industry, constant growth for proficiency in breadth and depth is substantial; Yankey has adapted 3D BIM drawing to the work of design and effectively created value engineering; Yankey has also acquired certifications of HSE and international quality control such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, which embedded positive factors for long-term stable corporate governess.

Since the day of establishment, Yankey has adhered to the attitude of Conscientiousness, Responsibility, and Rigor, providing a integrated bundle of services including planning, design, implementation, testing, acceptance, as-built, and energy conservation.  We stick to the culture of sustainable development, characterized by Integrity, Expertise, Pragmatism, and Partnership, and has got growth of performance year by year and very positive feedback in the industry. 


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