History of LLC Termotron-Zavod began in far 1960s. The company produced special equipment for the electronics industry. In hard times of the perestroika (restructuring) the company mastered railway equipment production. Nowadays 95% of the products manufactured by LLC Termotron-Zavod are designed for movement safety on railways and metro lines. Experience of development and production of various equipment gathered for the long history of the plant, extensive production basis, capability to ensure the full production cycle, own design-engineering department enabled Joint-Stock Company TermotronZavod to become the leader in production of a wide range of railway products. Electric switch mechanisms SP-6M, SPGB-4B and electric switchgears to ensure fast and high-speed movement SP-12U, VSP-150, VSP220, UVP, sleepers’ electric switchgears SPM150 and SPM-220, sets of crossing equipment - barriers PASH 1 - 4/6, traffic lights SP-1, SP2-2, SP3-1, SP3-2, alarm bells, UZP (crossing blocking devices); a wide range of impedance bonds, solar power plants - quality of this equipment is recognized by specialists of all Russian railways as well as of CIS states and non-CIS states. 


The products of LLC Termotron-Zavod can be found on the railways of Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, Baltic and Central Asia countries as well as in the Mongolian Republic and Syria. LLC Termotron-Zavod is a sole manufacturer in Russia carrying certificates for electric switchgears for arrangement of high-speed traffic on railways. Due to high reliability, improved control system, unique inner closure mechanism the VSP type electric switchgears ensure movement of high-speed train SAPSAN with speed up to 300 km/h. Plant products ensure safe operation of the metro lines. Modern trains and those coming to replace them in future require heavier traction currents. Considering this fact specialists of LLC Termotron-Zavod have developed and further mastered serial production of impedance bond DTM-0,17-1500M. It is designed for operation at long-term traction current of 3,000 A. Besides it has been tested for 4,000 A in a laboratory environment. Impedance bond DTM-0,17-1500M has passed operation tests in the Moscow and St. Petersburg metropolitans on the lines where even today the rated traction currents are exceeded. 


LLC Termotron-Zavod not only participates annually and has been recognized as a winner in tenders and auction biddings held by one of the largest municipal carriers in the world – State Unitary Enterprise Moscow Metropolitan but also comes to rescue in solving the most complicated technical problems in cases of acute need. Thus the above-mentioned impedance bonds DTM-0,17-1500M as well as the electric switch mechanisms for metro lines have been developed in a relatively short time. Electric switchgear SP-6BM with 2 second operation time, power supply cabinet sets for automatics and telemechanics (SHPAT and SPHAT equipped with UPS), relay racks, traffic lights and other products and devices. Technological equipment under brand TERMOTRON is characterized by high reliability, efficiency, energy saving, control automation, performance precision, ease of use, high workmanship, design and service.


High quality level of output products is confirmed by certificate issued by SE Certification Register at the Federal Railway Transport and meets requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2015 quality management system. Responsibility of all workers for results of their work, tight quality control over output products, exact meeting of customer requirements, continuous product expansion - these are basic concepts thanks to which JSC Termotron-Zavod has proved itself as a reliable, discharging obligations partner.



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