Established in 1988, nTact is the dba for FAS Holdings Group, LLC, and is engaged in the design, development, manufacture, integration, sale and service of advanced, high-precision slot die deposition (coating) systems and integrated process solutions for the display, microelectronics, alternative energy, and other thin-film dependent industries. The company enjoys worldwide recognition as a pioneer in the development of fluid handling and slot die coating equipment for a wide range of high technology applications, and is the inventor of the extrusion or “spinless” coating, a slot die based technology that has become the standard deposition method for the flat panel display (FPD) industry.

nTact was founded in Dallas, Texas, and was initially focused on the development of an innovative and proprietary dual-stage pump for dispensing high purity polymers. The Company successfully introduced a line of patented fluid handling products, delivering these products worldwide to major semiconductor manufacturers. In the early 1990s, using its proven dispense technology as a foundation, nTact began the development of its Slot Die coating (extrusion coating) technology, identifying it at the time as “FAS-Coat,” for thin film microelectronics applications. The development work of this slot die based coating technology occurred in the early stages of the FPD industry and eventually became the de facto standard for large area processing and LCD manufacturing.

nTact’s proprietary coating technology has made it possible for a single technology platform to provide the essential coating / deposition operations in key markets such as Flat Panel Display (including LCD, OLED, PLED, Flexible, and Touch Screen), Solid State Lighting (OLED / PLED), Photovoltaic (Organic PV, CIGS, CdTe and other thin film applications), RFID, ICC, Semiconductor, and others including biomedical and fuel cells.

nTact delivers a full range of products from lower cost R&D systems to larger, fully integrated systems used for pilot or high volume production of Flat Panel Displays, Photovoltaic(PV), OLED Lighting and various Organic and Printed Electronics applications. nTact slot die coating (also referredto as extrusion coating or slit coating) systems are being effectively adapted and customized to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s leading-edge technology companies.


Slot Die Coating Systems

Also referred to as slit coating or extrusion coating, nTact’s proprietary slot die coating technology allows for efficient, high performance deposition of a wide variety of materials for numerous applications such as flat panel displays, photovoltaic panels, Solid State Lighting, and various Organic and Printed Electronic applications. This unique extrusion coating technology is continually being adapted to meet the latest processes and electronic applications.


Patch Coating & Macro Patterning
nTact Selective Coating

The slot die coating(extrusion coating) process is typically employed to deposit the process material over essentially the entire substrate, with the exception of a small uncoated area (typically about 5-10mm wide) that is left around the perimeter of the substrate. For many customers, this full area coating meets their process objectives. However, for certain applications, it is desirable to have certain areas coated with the process material, while other areas are free of this material


Fully Integrated Systems

nTact produces fully integrated systems and process modules complete with full substrate handling and management automation for optimal throughput and processing flexibility. Systems are available for pilot production or integrated for high volume production.


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