Our highly motivated and well trained engineers and project managers are designing,  installing and certifying high purity systems for gases, chemicals and ultrapure water required for semiconductor and other advanced technology applications throughout the world. 

DEAXO has experience in the turnkey design and installation of even fast track projects in different business fields.

Our engineering design team works in close cooperation with clients to understand their technical, schedule and budget requirements, and develop together with our clients optimized factory designs and process solutions. According to our lean management standard it is our goal to design economic solutions that allow flexibility for future growth. Therefore, our basis is a clear understanding of your process. With our existing knowledge base, acquired across a wide spectrum of clients, we are able to deliver a design that will meet your requirements today and in the future, while exceeding your expectations.

In the hook-up process our team enables production tools to be installed and started-up within a strict schedule. Our proven project management and quality assurance processes enable us to meet tough customer requirements, as part of construction of new factories or expansion of existing facilities.

LED, Solar and Optics industries
Lenses of smartphones and the high end lenses of professional cameras are manufactured using cleanroom technology. Lens manufacturing requires strict particle contamination cleaning and controls as well as humidity and temperature control and vibration isolation protocols.

With a solid growth, the solar energy industry is developing into an extremely promising global market. Solar cells are essentially semiconductors, conveying electrons from one place to another.  As the industry continues to expand and costs continue to drop,  just as the semiconductor industry has pushed for smaller and thinner geometries, so too will the solar industry. As silicon is expensive there is a want to cut the wafers thinner to generate more revenue and less waste.

The environment during the production process is strictly controlled. To avoid contamination or mistakes which result in high cost we make sure the design meets the highest environmental standards.


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