SEBO MEC continuously accumulates its unique technological power by successfully completing the clean room construction within high-tech semiconductor manufacturing facilities. In addition, we have shortened the construction period by applying CB (Cross Beading) Duct, PSP Coating Duct, and Modular engineering methods, while expanding our scope of practice to include the new and remodeling construction of semiconductor manufacturing facilities.
Kiheung/Hwasung/Pyungtaek Semiconductor

Major Business Achievements
Despite the challenging environment, we have successfully completed multiple projects ever since we joined the Korean semiconductor industry during its infancy. Recently, the Pyungtaek/Goduk complex, operated under the goal of building the world's largest semiconductor production facility, is bearing the role to improve our customer satisfaction as well as the competitive power of our nation through our commitment since the very beginning of the project.

Kiheung Semicon Park pipeline construction SR Project FAB building pipeline construction Kiheung G1-Project construction Hwasung S3 pipeline construction Hwasung S3 Waste water treatment facility plumbing construction Hwasung 15,16,17 line piping construction Hwasung combined waste water treatment facility plumbing construction Coning Precision Material pipeline construction Pyungtaek P-Project FAB building construction Pyungtaek P-Project CT building construction
Cheongju/Icheon Semiconductor

Major Business Achievements
With the 2006 Cheongju Hynix semiconductor facility construction as the start, we have been expanding our territory with SEBO's unique, superior technology by participating in an extensive, full-scale project in Icheon area in 2012.

Cheongju Hynix M12 Project Icheon Hynix M12 Project Icheon Hynix M14 Project Icheon Hynix combined waste water treatment facility
Cheonan/Tangjeong Display

Major Business Achievements
Based on our successful semiconductor production facility construction experience, we have been recognized for our success in display and secondary battery manufacturing facility through our development of new engineering technology.

Tangjeong LCD Valley facility construction Cheonan Display City pipeline construction Tangjeong Complex factory building clean room duct construction Cheonan line 6 piping construction Tangjeong line 7, 8 construction Asan DC pipeline construction Cheonan SDI solar battery pipe facility construction Asan T-PJT pipeline construction