KoMiCo offers advanced cleaning and coating technology and quality assurance services to minimize damage on high-function equipment components in the contaminants removal process and to increase equipment efficiency.

Cleaning of KoMiCo is a process to remove contaminants such as particles and ionic impurities of equipment parts generated during customers' process. We also provide various solutions to maintain and control the surface of damaged parts to meet each process requirement by minimizing damage of basic material, removing process contaminants, increasing product life, improving uniformity and controling micro contamination.

nitial stage of cleaning
Introduced semiconductor parts cleaning
technology for the first time in Korea

Precise cleaning per material and process

Improvement of physical
cleaning technology →
CO2 Cleaning, Bead, Arc Coating

0.3 ㎛ Size Particle Control

of products
surface treatment
Improved various physical cleaning technologies →
Improved the surface suitable for various needs of customers

Cleaning processes on products with various functions & composite materials

Precision of cleaning

0.1μm Size Particle control

Introduction of
Nano cleaning technology
Optimization of surface treatment →
Improvement of process yield

Reduction of Particle source by increasing surface area per product

Precision of cleaning process →
Introduction of quality management system

0.04㎛ Size Particle control

Evolution of Nano cleaning technology
SMART Factory – Automation

Application of flexible recipe per product

Control of micro process → Reduction of process defect of customers

Development of eco-friendly cleaning technology

Increase of product life and decrease of delivery time

0.01um Size Particle Control

Major cleaning technology
KoMiCo provides proper cleaning technology for various processes and parts of our customers. In addition to eliminating process contaminants, we are constantly researching and developing to provide optimal solutions to control the particles and maximize products' life through the best surface conditions for any parts.

     CuStrip™    CleanPeel™    SurFinish™    SurfRestore™
Purpose of use    Removal process of contaminants by minimizing the damage of the basic material of parts at the Cu process    Improvement of parts life time by minimizing parts damage    Reduction of Al CVD Showerhead basic materials and hole damage    Restoration of plasma etching surface damage of quartz material products
Effect    Reduction on the etch rate of basic materials Extension of parts life time    Extension of parts life time    Particle Source Reduction
Maintenance of gas flow uniformity    Particle improvement
Extension of parts life time
Products    Al Collimator,
AlCoverRing etc.    Products such as PVD Process Shield    CVD Process Showerhead    Quartz Window,
Quartz pedestal, etc.


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