Values First Consulting Sdn. Bhd. is an established engineering firm specializing in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) products and services for the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry world-wide. Formed in 1997, Values First today holds a customer portfolio spanning China, USA, South America, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, India, and most of ASEAN.

Our Focus - Equipment Integration

Values First specializes in providing quality Equipment Integration (EI) products and solutions to wafer fabrication, sort, assembly and test sites. Our solutions typically involve the use of industry standards to provide robust interfaces between factory systems and equipment and to enable high quality user functionality.

Best Total Value-in-Class Products

Values First offers the best total value off-the-shelf EI products for :

Wafermapping/Inkless Manufacturing (Cellmap 2000-19/ULT 2010-19)
Recipe Management (RMS 2001-19)
Oven Automation System (OASYS 2019)
Equipment Performance Tracking (EPT/OEE 2007-19)
SECS/GEM Development (ActiveGBox 2007-19)
Etc...(Contact us about our latest product offerings !)


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