The Northeast Microelectronics Coalition (NEMC) Hub to present the PROPEL Manufacturing Program, a grant program designed to support and accelerate the progress of innovative microelectronics technologies among its member companies, particularly startups and small businesses. The program aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge microelectronics concepts and validated devices by defraying development costs, thereby empowering companies to bring their microelectronics innovations to life and foster technological advancement.

The PROPEL Manufacturing Program is available to NEMC Hub member companies. Specifically, companies with 50 or fewer employees are eligible for grants of up to 100,000$, which requires, with a 50% cost share. It's important to note that member companies with 101 or more employees are not eligible for this program.

Participating companies can benefit from offsetting hardware development costs associated with cutting-edge microelectronics proof-of-concepts, prototypes, and device samples. Additionally, they gain access to a network of leading laboratory and prototyping fabrication facilities within the NEMC Hub ecosystem, allowing them to move their microelectronics innovations from concept to reality at an accelerated pace.

The NEMC Hub is actively accepting applications for the PROPEL Manufacturing Program. To be considered for funding and support, interested companies are encouraged to submit several materials before the closing date of Friday, July 19, 2024, 5:00 p.m. ET. The required materials include the PROPEL Manufacturing Program Application, a Budget Template to accompany the application, and the Notice of Funding Opportunity. It's important to note that membership in the NEMC Hub is a prerequisite for participation in the program. Non-member companies keen on availing the program's benefits are invited to submit a NEMC Hub membership application for evaluation.

The NEMC PROPEL Manufacturing Program stands as a testament to the commitment of the Northeast Microelectronics Coalition in fostering a vibrant microelectronics ecosystem and propelling the development of cutting-edge microelectronics technologies. Through this program, NEMC aims to support, nurture, and amplify the innovation and progress of microelectronics concepts, thus contributing to the advancement of the microelectronics industry as a whole.