Samsung Electronics Co. is gearing up to introduce an advanced three-dimensional (3D) chip packaging technology called Samsung Advanced Interconnection Technology (SAINT) to compete with TSMC. This technology will enable Samsung to integrate memory and processors required for high-performance chips, including AI chips, in much smaller sizes. Under the SAINT brand, Samsung plans to unveil three types of technologies – SAINT S, SAINT D, and SAINT L – each designed to strategically stack different types of chips.

Samsung Electronics Appearance and Composition of I-Cube 4 Package for Next-Generation Semiconductor Package Technology
2.5D Integration Solution 'I-Cube4' for High-Performance Applications. Source: Samsung

The current industry standard is 2.5D packaging, but Samsung's new 3D packaging technologies, such as SAINT S, have already passed validation tests. Samsung plans to launch commercial services next year after further testing with clients. This move aligns with Samsung's goal to enhance the performance of AI chips for data centers and mobile application processors (APs) with on-device AI functions.

The global advanced chip packaging market is forecast to grow significantly, reaching $66 billion by 2027, with 3D packaging expected to account for about a quarter of this market. Samsung's aggressive pursuit of advanced packaging technology reflects the growing importance of this sector within the semiconductor industry.

TSMC, the current industry leader in chip packaging technology, is investing heavily in its 3D inter-chip stacking technology, SoIC, to maintain its competitive edge. Similarly, UMC has launched its wafer-to-wafer (W2W) 3D IC project to provide cutting-edge solutions for integrating memory and processors using silicon stacking technology.

In its commitment to advancing chip packaging technology, Samsung has been accelerating the development of its chip packaging technology since unveiling its 2.5D packaging technology, H-Cube. This includes offering a packaging turnkey service, handling the entire process from chip production to packaging and tests. The introduction of SAINT marks the next stage in Samsung's evolution within the chip packaging landscape, positioning the company to compete with industry leaders and cater to the growing demand for advanced packaging solutions.