We help build products that utilizes die bonding and wire bonding technology with our state-of-the-art equipment and tooling set that is highly flexible with a wide range of capability. 

We own a process and technology database that continuously improve our performance and machine technology as we partner up with our customers, vendors, and suppliers. 

Our mission is to enable innovation by being a part of the solution to the challenges in building new technology.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, we are a US-based, technology company that provides the following core services:


(1) Rapid Prototype Partner

(2) Pre-Production DOE and Characterization Assistance 

(3) Low to Med Volume Manufacturing

Applications Capability
Medical Applications
Opto Electronics
VR Applications
AI Applications
Automotive Applications
Solar Technology
3D IC Packaging
MEMS Technology
RF and Microwave Applications
Other Challenging Technology
We have a variety of capability to build prototype or low volume manufacturing.
Die Bond Process Capability:

Epoxy Attach
                    Conductive Epoxy

                    Non-conductive Epoxy

Eutectic Attach

                    Other Lead-free Alloy (customer dependent)

Conductive / Non-Conductive Die Attach Film (C-DAF/DAF)
High Accuracy Die Attach

Packaging Applications:

Small Die (150 microns)
Large Die (10mm)
Thin Die 
Thin Film
Stacked Die
Chip On Board Applications (CoB)
System in Package (SiP)


Wire Bonding Process Capability:

Ball - Wedge 
Wedge - Wedge
Ribbon Bond
Stud Bumping
Wedge on Ball
Security Bumps
Hybrid Prototype Requirement

Available Wire Type and Diameter:

Au (0.7 to 3.0 mil)
Al (0.7 to 2.0)
Au/Al Ribbon Wire (customer application dependent)
CuPd (Palladium coated copper wire)

Other Capabilities:

Ultra Fine Pitch Capability
Ultra Low Loop Capability
Deep Access Capability
Multi-layer Wire Loops
High Density Wirebonding
Room Temperature Bonding
Plasma Cleaning Capability
Measurement Capability
Wire Pull and Ball Shear Testing

High Accuracy Flip Chip Attach
Our high accuracy machine will be able to support a flip chip process requirement over a range of application.  The machine utilizes split beam optics to overlay the image from substrate and die to be attached.  Several types of bonding can then be applied including but not limited to reflow soldering, eutectic attach, epoxy attach, UV snap cure attach.


     We are able to turn around parts in as fast as 1-3 days for standard attach and wire bond for up to 5 parts.  If you already have a set of materials or if we have the materials available on hand, we can complete a rapid prototype as soon as possible.  

(DOE) Design of Experiment or Simple Characterization
     We help identify a DOE or a small characterization and validation around die bonding and wire bonding as well as other processes such as plasma cleaning, glob top, or several assembly preparation techniques.  These are usually to understand the product performance, manufacturability, reliability, or scalability. This is a systematic characterization that helps mitigate the risk of a costly mistake on fabricating a final assembly and product tape out without risk assessment.  

     We generate custom reports regarding the results of your requested DOE. This report includes component measurements, wire pull test, ball shear test, and die shear testing if applicable, low and high power pictures. We also perform root cause analysis and recommend solutions to help in your design for manufacturing (DfM). 


Low to Medium Volume Manufacturing
We provide product execution road map from prototype, design for manufacturing transitioning into low or medium volume manufacturing.  This includes BOM inventory procurement, ramp plans, process controls, yield reporting, and continuous improvement.  We are governed by the QMS standards with ISO9001:2015 practices to deliver world class execution of our operations.