Dedicated in Development and Design of Chemical Supply Systems, Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology Taiwan Co., Ltd. has achieved significant achievements in the high-end electronic manufacturing industry including IC Circuitry, photoelectric products (TFT LCD, LED, OLED), PV, as well as packaging and testing facilities, and is highly acknowledged by customers. Currently Cica-Huntek is the one and only Chemical Supply System provider in Asia capable of servicing both 7nm and 10nm high-end processes as well as 4K2K high resolution processes.

Cica-Huntek continuously perfects relevant skills in system diagnosis, inspection, and maintenance of Chemical Supply Systems, providing versatile engineering services with excellent quality that satisfies customer requirements regarding quality engineering and safe operation. In order to fulfill commitments to our customers, implement localization strategies and elevate the efficiency of integration and services, we follow professional skills and high-quality pursuit of Japan Kanto Chemical for providing optimal facilities and system engineering solutions, expecting to create a leading brand of Chemical Supply Systems in the Asia Pacific region.


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