Embossed carrier tape provides protection to integrated circuits and other devices from physical and electro-static discharge (ESD) damage during shipping and storage. Carrier tape is widely used for presenting devices to pick-and-place machines for automatic placement onto printed circuit boards.  Advantek's carrier tape can incorporate containment features found in more expensive shipping media. This provides fragile devices - such as QFP's, chip scale packages and bare die - protection from physical damage. 

Standard Carrier Tape
Complex Carrier Tape
High Precision Carrier Tape
Interleaf / Bump / Spacer Tape
Surftape is a unique form of punched carrier tape where the component is placed on a sticky backing within a compartment boundary. The adhesive base securely holds devices in the position they are placed until it is removed, eliminating the need for cover tape.

Cover Tape
Cover tape is sealed to the carrier tape to hold the devices in the pockets. Advantek offers a full range of cover tapes to meet various requirements.

Heat Activated Cover Tape
Pressure Sensitive Cover Tape
Packaging Reels
To prevent mechanical & ESD damage to devices during shipping and storage, loaded carrier tape is typically wound onto a plastic take-up reel.

LOKREEL® Mini – 7″
LOKREEL® Pro – 13″
LOKREEL® Lite – 13″
LOKREEL® Trimline – 13″
LOKREEL® Ultra – 15″
LOKREEL® Jumbo – 22″
LOKREEL® Hub Extender
Associated Products
Advantek provides the total packaging solution with a wide array of associated products; enabling a one-stop shop for the convenience of our valued customers.

Protective Bands
Barrier Bags
Humidity Indicator Cards
From standard to custom and proprietary films, we know plastic. With excellent dimensional stability and aesthetic qualities, Advantek can cater to your current film requirements or totally new applications. Our films allow for blemish-free surfaces, consistent dimensions in forming with clean punching and slitting. Whether your needs include a specific length, width, or thickness, we can cater to your needs with our ability to fully customize.