Copper & Copper Alloy Strips
For leadframes, terminals & connectors
Pancake Coils - Copper Alloy Strips

     Traverse Wound Coils - Copper Alloy Strips


     Plated Copper Alloy Flat & Dual Gauge Strips
     For power transistors & IC leadframes
     Dual & Single Gauge - Copper Alloy Strips, Full Nickel/Copper Plated Nickel & Silver Stripe Plated

     Plated Dual Gaufe Strips - Before and After Stamping

     Dual Gauge - W-Type

     Dual Gauge - T-Type

     Dual Gauge - U-Type

     Dual Gauge - Durable W-Type

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     Stamped Leadframes
     For semiconductor products & discrete components
Dual Gauge Strip
TO - 251/DPAK
TO - 252/DPAK Matrix*
TO - 220
TO - 263
TO - 247
TO - 3P
TO - 264

*Frame and reel form

Flat Strip
TO - 251/2 DPAK
TO - 220
TO - 92


     Product Specifications
     Characteristics of Kobelco Copper Alloys:
Excellent Electrical Conductivity
High Strength & Good Bend Formability
Good Softening Resistance
High Corrosion & Heat Resistance
Low Internal Residual Stress
Good Heat Sink Spreader
Good Solderability and Bondability