Our Vision

Invantest is Intelligent Vanguard Test, a maker of real-time, intelligent systems for use in semiconductor testing. Vanguard emphasizes our commitment to maintain our lead in this technology. We are motivated by a belief that most activities, events, and production processes on a manufacturing floor can be automatically controlled with mathematical precision for predictable gains. The end result is a realization of "manufacturing excellence" that can be both quantified and validated.


Our Technology Roadmap

Our technology roadmap started in 1994 with the creation of the first intelligent cell controller (also known as a station controller) for wafer sort. We now offer a suite of cell controllers that serve as a factory operating system for optimizing production while driving integrated production systems. Our ultimate goal is the fusion of business intelligence with factory intelligence to create an intelligent, fully integrated, self-correcting, and self-optimizing corporate organism that automatically adjusts to a constantly changing environment to maximize profits and worker satisfaction.


History of Invantest

Invantest originated from a joint development program with KLA-Tencor and TEL (Tokyo Electron). This partnership produced the Integrator cell controller for wafer sort coupled with a Navigator floor controller. In 1994, KLA-Tencor and TEL customers used this technology to simplify, optimize, and improve the quality of production testing at wafer sort.

In 2002, KLA-Tencor spun-off its Integrator development group to become Invantest Inc. During the next three years, Invantest worked closely with its growing customer base to evolve and refine its Integrator WaferTest (igWT) technology.

In 2005, Invantest partnered with a leading outsourcing subcontractor (OSAT) in Singapore to port its proven Integrator technology to final test. From this successful venture, Integrator FinalTest (igFT) was born. Integrator FinalTest automated the final test production process while keeping it in control at all times. It also transformed the process by integrating the retest and QA test stages into a single, highly efficient production pass.

Later in 2005, Invantest opened an engineering center in Singapore to better serve its growing customer base in Asia. Many of the new products showcased in this website were developed in Singapore and include special adaptations and options for the Asia market.

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