SHENZHEN SECON TECHNICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Mainly engaged in instrumentation, circuit board test touch screen test film related equipment keys, functional testing, high temperature resistant, anti-static synthetic stone tray, precision optical test bench and supporting test probes-pin, high-precision test fixture.
  Over the years for all kinds of PCBA factory, PCB factory, FPC Factory, LCD factory The, TOUCHPANEL plant, ITO plant, MEMBRANE plants and other enterprises to provide high-quality ICT, the MFT, AOI, PCB-T the FPC tester, ITO tester, MEMBR The tester-ANE, TOUCH PANEL tester, WATON test probes, high-precision test needle test, tooling, jigs and other products.
  The latest development of the optical, mechanical and electronic integration visual robot circuit board automatic optical detector. Function a leading domestic and international advanced circuit board automatic optical inspection of the appearance.
  Test areas in the high-frequency signal (800MHz-28GHz) Division I offers superior performance, technology class pneumatic / manual shielded box (resistant shielding effectiveness ≥ 65dB) antenna coupling test fixture (800MHz-2.5GHz), RF functional testing with.
In IC testing, production of precision anti-power IC test Block (Pitch ≥ 0.15mm); apply to the CSP, BGA, mBGA, DIP, PGA, PLCC, PQFP, SDIP, SOIC, QFP, ZIP, MLF, QFN all kinds IC measurement test.
  SECON produced by high temperature, anti-static Hardstone synthetic stone pallets, SMT pallets, wave solder reflow fixture fixture, local welding governance tools; comprehensive solution to the flexible circuit board, magnetic board SMT assembly automatic welding various local board soldering problems.
  SECON company has a wealth of circuit test solutions, has a well-equipped production center for the production of a variety of single-sided test needle bed (PCB, ICT needle bed) test pitch of 0.15mm high-density high-density needle bed LCD test stand test pitch of 0.15mm.. And circuit board welding tooling, assembly tooling.