Beijing Graphene Research Institute (BGI) was established in 2018 and is located in Cuihu Science and Technology Park, Zhongguancun Science City. It is the first new research and development institution approved by Beijing and led by Peking University. Adhering to the concept of "integrating resources, gathering craftsmen, innovating mechanisms, and leading the future", BGI leads the innovative development of the graphene industry with an innovative system integrating "government-industry-university-research". At present, it has two R&D buildings, a laboratory area of ​​20,000 square meters, and a talent team of more than 260 people.

BGI is the leader in the graphene industry. Has the world's top graphene materials, devices and application research and development laboratories. There are 4 core R&D departments including "Labeled Graphene Materials Research Department", "New Graphene Materials Research Department", "Graphene Fiber Technology Research Department" and "Graphene Device Technology Research Department", and 21 independent research groups. The National Natural Science Foundation of China's "Graphene Preparation Science Basic Science Center", "National Graphene Material Industry Metrology and Testing Center", and "National Market Supervision Technology Innovation Center (Graphene Metrology and Standard Technology)" have successively landed in BGI. Relying on strong R&D strength, the team of partners has grown continuously, and has built "Beijing Graphene Research Institute-China Aviation Manufacturing Technology Research Institute Frontier Technology Joint Laboratory", "Beijing Graphene Research Institute-Zhonglan Chenguang Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd." Special Fiber Joint Laboratory", "Beijing Graphene Research Institute-BOE Joint Innovation Laboratory" and many other enterprise joint laboratories.

BGI is a miracle maker. BGI has continuously made breakthroughs in the research and development of new graphene materials, such as A3 size general-purpose graphene film, A3 size ultra-clean graphene film, 4-inch graphene single crystal wafer, 6-inch graphene single crystal wafer, graphene glass fiber, etc. Products are entering the market one after another. On December 26, 2017, Beijing Graphene Research Institute Co., Ltd. was registered and established to comprehensively promote the research and development of graphene core technology and the transformation of achievements.

BGI has a nationwide presence and a global perspective. It is committed to building a global leader in the research and development of new graphene materials and a base for innovation and entrepreneurship, and to cultivate a 100 billion-level graphene high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production, and equipment manufacturing of new graphene materials. Facing the future, BGI people are full of confidence!