Ohtomo-chemical product guide:

Coolant for wiresaw (Slicing agent)
We have various range of coolant (slicing agent)which is centereingon water-soluble type as multi wiresaw cutting process for loose/solid abrasive.

Cutting process coolant
We have various range of cutting process coolant kinds to apply for muti blade/dicing saw cutting procss.

Cutting/Grinding coolant (Solid type)
We have various cutting/grinding coolant for such as crystal, optical lens, prism, plate glass, quartz, ceramics, magnetic material, semiconductor, sapphire and metal.

Water-soluble lens-center grinding agent
Conventionally, most of lens-center grinding agents used in lens-center grindingprocess for optical lens, have been oil-based products, and there has been concern that increased combustion of its waste liquid (CO2). Thererfore, for the global heating measures, we developed water-soluble lens-center grinding agent "CE series". And we have various kinds of the products appropriate for your using method.

Lapping coolant/Dispersing agent
(Loose abrasive type)
Loose abrasive (silicon carbide (SiC), alumina and cerium oxide etc.) lapping accelerator.
We have various lapping coolant/dispersing agent for such as crystal, optical lens, prism, plate glass, quartz, ceramics, semiconductor, sapphire and metal.

Lapping/Polishing coolant
for Diamond Powerder Slurry
Lapping/Polishing accelerator for diamond powder slurry.
Sale of slurry composed diamond powder is a base from our company and we have both water-soluble and oil-based type.

Cleaning agent
We have various kinds of cleaning agent for contamination of particle, oil film, finger print, and hot-melt adhesives etc.

Removing agent/Etching agent
We have various tarnish and metal removing agent for optical lens and various kinds glass. Also, we have etching agent for crystal.

Hot-melt adhesives
for cosmetics compact refill
We have our own hot-melt adhesives which has the 90% share in the world in cosmetics refill.

Hot-melt adhesives
We have various kinds of hot-melt adhesives for temporary bonding for crystal, optical lens, prism, plate glass and ceramics processing etc.

Other products
We have protective film, release agent for metal molding, and loose abrasive anti-drying agent appropriate as adjuvant for crystal, optical lens, prism, plate glass, and ceramics processing etc. Also, we have other chemical products as trading company department.