Semiconductor Chemicals

Capchem’s semiconductor chemical products include etchants, strippers, ultra-high purity reagents, cleaners, and fluorinated functional materials. They are widely used in display panels (including TFT-LCD and OLED), IC integrated circuits and solar photovoltaics, among others. They are the key chemical materials in the manufacturing process of lithography, imaging, etching, stripping and cleaning, among others. They play a crucial role in improving the test yield of chips, increasing the definition of display panels, and extending the service life of silicon wafer batteries.

With over two decades of accumulated experience and technical advantages in electronic chemicals and relying on its technical breakthroughs in high-purity reagents, Capchem can stably offer the leading IC wafer manufacturers with products that can meet the highest quality standards in the industry. Our etchant chemicals can be stably delivered to the advanced-generation panel manufacturers as substitutes of imported products.

In the future, Capchem will give full play to its unique advantages in technology, resources and geography, to actively research and develop fine chemicals for the semiconductor industry. With an aim to fix bottlenecks and fill domestic gaps, Capchem will continue to contribute its share to advancing the sustainable development of the semiconductor industry in China.

Battery Chemicals

Capchem’s battery chemicals can be grouped under three main categories, namely, electrolytes for secondary lithium-ion batteries, electrolytes for primary lithium batteries, and electrolytes for super-capacitors. As one of the four vital constituents of lithium batteries (i.e., anode, cathode, separator, electrolyte), electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries are composed of solvent, lithium salt solute and additives. Responsible for transporting lithium ions, it is regarded as the "blood" of the battery, acting as a critical factor to ensure high voltage, high specific energy and other advantages of lithium-ion batteries.

With the increasing popularity of NEVs, there is a stronger need to improve endurance and safety of new energy vehicles. Behind the boom, there are still some existing challenges to be addressed such as long service life, balanced high-and-low temperature performance and improved safety. Capchem has specialized in battery chemicals research and development for more than 20 years. The Company is dedicated to the mechanism research of electrolyte additives and formulations to address key issues related to long cycle life and good performance at both high and low temperatures. To date, the Company has achieved a number of outstanding results in the independent development of new additives and formulations. With superior technologies and revolutionary product development, the Company has become a global leader in the industry. Our products in this area are widely used in batteries for new energy vehicles and digital devices, high-end military equipment, and distributed energy storage, among others.

Capacitor Chemicals

As one of the four vital constituents of capacitor (i.e., anode, cathode, electrolytic paper and electrolyte), electrolytes are the actual cathode of the capacitor, playing a vital role in repairing the aluminum oxide film. It is a critical factor to ensure high reliability and long service life of capacitors.。

As a top capacitor chemical manufacturer, Capchem is a global leader with superior technologies and revolutionary product development. Our products are widely used in capacitor aluminum foil processing, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and solid capacitors, among others.

With the increasing popularity of 5G telecommunications, new energy vehicles and smart homes, there is a stronger need to improve reliability, extend service life and increase high temperature resistance of capacitors. Behind the boom, we are determined to address the exist challenges related to long service life and high temperature resistance, among others. Capchem is committed to the research of capacitor chemicals, making every effort to properly solve the main issues related to high voltage, long service life and high temperature resistance of capacitors. At present, with major breakthroughs in high pressure resistance and long service life, we have set a goal for producing the best capacitor chemical materials in the world for a better future.

Organic Fluorine Chemicals

The organic fluorinated chemicals produced by Capchem are mainly downstream fluorinated fine chemicals of hexafluoropropylene. Our main products include fluorinated pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates, fluororubber curing agents, fluorinated solvents, environmentally friendly surfactants and other fluorinated lubricants. They are widely used in aerospace, pharmaceutical industry, pesticides, textile industry, electronics, semiconductors, machinery, automobiles, and other terminal consumption sectors. With leading technologies and superior quality, Capchem enjoys a good reputation among customers at home and abroad.