Our Company
3-5 Power Electronics GmbH (3-5PE) was founded by Dr. Volker Dudek, Dr. Gerhard Bolenz and Richard J. Kulle for the development, production and distribution of power semiconductors based on gallium arsenide (GaAs) in 2016. The 3-5-PE-Team consists of experts with many years of semiconductor experience in regard to technology development as well as the setup and management of semiconductor enterprises. GaAs semiconductors have only been used in the low-voltage range for several decades and are the second most frequently used semiconductor material after silicon.


Our fab-lite business model
Due to the extensive experience of the founders, a fab-lite company was set up, in which 3-5PE executes all corporate functions as well as the LPE core process in in- house production. All other standard processing steps are outsourced. 3-5 PE’s operations include research and development, its own 4“/6“ liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) manufacturing, technical product marketing and sales.


3-5 PE’s LPE fabrication
Apart from the LPE process 3-5 PE has developed an additional epitaxy process for GaAs power elements with its foundry partner AZUR SPACE. This process is called metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE). Alongside with this epitaxy-second- source AZUR SPACE takes over all remaining process steps to complete the wafer-/chip-structuring.

A network of partners exists in both development and production, including the construction of discrete components and simple modules. This network of partners supplements the required competencies and keeps the necessary technical know- how up-to-date.

The worldwide sales of 3-5 PE's products are primarily carried out by our associate partner called Foxypower as well as other local partners across China and Japan.

Our product range comprises sawn wafers, discrete components and modules in standard housings.         

The current production program is based on gallium arsenide (GaAs) substrates and includes only PIN diodes for soft- and hard-switching applications in a voltage range from 400V to 1,700V and currents of up to 100A per chip. As GaAs is a semiconductor with a direct band gap larger than that of silicon, we call our devices direct wide bandgap (dWBG) diodes. At present, 3-5 PE is the only enterprise that uses GaAs also for power semiconductors. This substrate have so far only been used for high-frequency applications with very low voltages.