Guojing Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., is a business unit of GRINM(General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals) group. It’s history could date back to 1950’s It used to be Beijing Guojing Infrared Optical Technology Co., Ltd, and now becomes the subsidiary of the publish company GRIAM (stock code:600206).

Guojing is devoted to the research, development and production for advanced infrared optical materials and optical-fiber-used high-purity materials, Its main products include CVD ZnS, CVD ZnSe, High-purity GeCl4 and SiCl4, Chalcogenide Glasses, taking the leading position in domestic. Those materials are widely used in thermal imaging system, laser process equipment, and optical fiber preform, etc.

It is Guojing’s persistence to be professional, initiative, cooperative and devoted, And it will be constantly committed to bring about utmost interests, shareholders and employees, and will shoulder the social responsibilities.