GrandiT Co., Ltd., founded in December of 2017, is dedicated to R&D, production and marketing of electronic chemical materials for semiconductor industry. The Quzhou based company in Zhejiang province has a capital registration of RMB 1 billion. Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd. and China National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund are major shareholders of GrandiT, which owns Zhejiang Kaisn Fluorochemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Britech Co., Ltd., GrandiT(Hubei) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Britech Central Glass Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kaiheng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. and GrandiT Shanghai Branch. GrandiT is a core member of the Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovative Alliance(ICMTIA)and ranked top 10 electronic chemical materials companies in China.

Currently, GrandiT offers a variety of electronic chemical materials, including electronic wet chemicals, specialty gases and precursors. Its product portfolio contains electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, electronic grade sulfuric acid, electronic grade nitric acid, electronic grade hydrochloric acid, electronic grade ammonia, buffered oxide etchant, poly etchant, high purity chlorine, high purity hydrogen chloride, high purity Tungsten Hexafluoride and high purity fluorine-based gases, and precursors like HCDS, BDEAS and TDMAT. GrandiT is a leading electronic wet chemicals supplier and the first Chinese company capable of massively producing electronic grade hydrofluoric acid for semiconductor fabrication on 1x nanometers process nodes. It also has world class high purity gas plants and is the first electronic gas producer in China able to industrialize high purity chlorine, high purity hydrogen chloride, high purity hydrogen fluoride and other specialty gases for etching or cleaning processes.  

The rapid development of semiconductor industry has offered GrandiT a great opportunity to grow by seeking excellence and tapping the quality resources. With over 60 years of safety production and operation experiences in chemical sector, GrandiT works relentlessly to be a respected electronic chemical materials provider by pursuing green and low carbon development, innovation for the shared future and strict quality control process.   

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