CrysPack was founded in 2005. We commit to develop and produce various types of packaging for high-tech sophisticated product. We have several series of products such as membrane box, sticky box, vacuum box, wafer box, sponge box and so on.
Membrane Boxes are constructed using a thin, highly elastic transparent film mounted to the top and bottom halves of a symmetrical box that offer you the perfect solution for devices or large objects that have an irregular shape or non-flat contact surface.

Sticky box is comprised of a plastic hinged box with our special gel -coated on the bottom, which can fixed tiny devices in the position of the transportation
Vaccum box is an innovative method to pack extremely fragile or thin devices.
Optic Storage Boxes are ideal for keeping your optics clean and damage free for storage or transport.
Wafer Container is a packaging solution for semiconductor wafer.
We can also design and manufacture packing products according to your requirement. All products in accordance with ISO9001 certified and produced in clean room. Our company promises reasonable prices, short production time and satisfactory after-sales service. We have more than 1000 customers in the world, such as Coherent, Limo, IPG, CASTECH, PHOTOP, CASIX, Huawei, etc.