Blank masks for semiconductors are used as raw material for photomasks, which typically have a pattern of several hundreds to several tens of nanometers in size, for high integration of circuits within a limited size, such as DRAM. Important factors for resolution improvement include substrate, metal film and resist film properties. In addition, due to the demand of small pattern size, a highly strict specification is required to minimize defects such as particles.

Blank mask for FPD is raw material for manufacture of liquid crystal display devices such as TFT-LCD, and unlike blank masks for semiconductors with standard and limited size variations, blank masks for display have a extensive range of sizes pending on the final product. FPD blank masks are referred to as large blank masks due to their relatively larger size. Using photomasks processed from these FPD blankmasks, various types of display panels can be manufactured including smartphones, table PCs, computer monitors, and TVs.

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