Beijing Kehua Microelectronics Materials Co., Ltd. is a Sino-US joint venture established in 2004. It is a supplier of photoresists and supporting reagents covering KrF (248nm), I-line, G-line, and UV broad spectrum. Together with service providers, it is also a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights that integrates the research, production and sales of advanced photoresist products. Kehua Microelectronics has a mid-to-high-end photoresist production base, with 100-ton cyclized rubber-based UV negative photoresist and 1,000-ton negative photoresist supporting reagent production lines, G/I line positive photoresist production line (500 Tons/year) and positive glue supporting reagent production line (1000 tons/year), 100-ton 248nm photoresist production line. Kehua Microelectronics photoresist product sequence is complete, and the product application areas cover integrated circuits (IC), light-emitting diodes (LED), discrete devices, advanced packaging, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), etc. Product types cover KrF (248nm), G/I line (including broad spectrum), mainly including: KrF photoresist DK1080, DK2000, DK3000 series; gi line photoresist KMP C5000, KMP C7000, KMP C8000, KMP EP3100 series and KMP EP3200A series; negative glue KMP E3000 series used in Lift-off process; BN and BP series used in discrete devices. Kehua Microelectronics has strong R&D technical strength, has many photoresist experts, and has strong photolithographic collagen material synthesis, formulation and related basic evaluation capabilities; it can continue to launch new products that meet customer needs; Kehua Microelectronics has been established since its establishment Since then, it has undertaken a number of national and Beijing-level key photoresist research and development and industrialization projects. Kehua Microelectronics has a complete analysis and application test platform that supports product development and factory inspection. The company has two mini FABs with a resolution of 0. 11um ASML PAS5500/850 scanning exposure machine, Nikon step exposure machine, TEL ACT8 coating and developing all-in-one machine and Hitachi S9220 CD SEM and other mainstream equipment. The above-mentioned test platform ensures that Kehua can carry out the development and comprehensive evaluation of KrF, G/I line photoresist products and key raw materials. Kehua Microelectronics has a complete management system, including four systems: quality management system (ISO9001), environmental management system (ISO14001), occupational health and safety management system (ISO45001) and hazardous substance process management system (IECQ QC080000). Kehua Microelectronics products are technologically advanced, have several domestic or international patents, and the product quality is stable. They are SMIC, Shanghai Huali Microelectronics, Yangtze River Storage, China Resources Shanghua, Hangzhou Silan, Jilin Hua Microelectronics, Sanan Optoelectronics , HC Semitek and other industry's top customers are stable partners. After more than ten years of development, the company has achieved considerable scale and brand influence. Our company will strive to become a world-class supplier and service provider of advanced photoresist products.