Jiangsu Ruineng anticorrosion equipment Co., Ltd., was founded in 1994, is located in Jiangyan private economy industrial center, Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. It’s the provincial tech-oriented private enterprise integrated with scientific research, development, manufacturing, sales. The company have technology R&D center and plant research institute. Meanwhile, to perfect and enforce our technical team , we cooperate with Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Technology and other scientific research institutions. The company has fixed assets of 80million, more than 200 employees, with all kinds of engineering technical personnel, R&D staff of 126 (including 2 experts from Japan, 4 experts from Taiwan). The company covers an area of 35000 square meters, is member units of national medium-sized enterprises, the Ministry of electricity, Ministry of Metallurgical distribution center, the qualified supplier of Sinopec, PetroChina. It is a member of China Semiconductor Industry Association. Bank AAA credit enterprises, Quality Trusted Organization, and Jiangsu High-Tech company with a number of national patents.
Jiangsu Ruineng anticorrosion equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing various types of lined PTFE storage tanks, ISO tanks and various types of lining anticorrosion equipment. All the anticorrosive materials of PTFE we use are imported brand of Dupont, Japan DAIKIN, Suwei, American Eluda glue, walka industrial sealing material. The inner lining PTFE storage tank process is based on the introduction of Japanese plate lining technology, according to the production needs of domestic industries to carry out technical transformation, innovative research and development, and obtain "large-scale chemical equipment with lining anticorrosion sheet manufacturing process", "anticorrosion equipment with negative pressure resistance strengthening column", "one kind of large chemical equipment with internal repair anticorrosion plate" three invention patents, and 8 patents for appling to new type, our company's board lining technology had reached the world class.

With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry at home and abroad, the increasing demand of various container lining equipment for electronic chemicals in the semiconductor industry, the company has hired two Japanese experts and four Taiwanese experts of advanced engineering technology to develop and manufacture high purity NEW-PTFE,PFA lining products for semiconductor equipment. Products are mainly used in semiconductor, high-end electronic chemicals production industry (integrated circuit, LCD panel, photovoltaic industry), high-end heavy corrosion chemical industry. In order to ensure that the product performance meets all the quality requirements of customers in semiconductor, high end heavy corrosion chemical industry, the company has built 8000 square meters dust-free PTFE workshop which is the largest PPB class ,PPT class liner workshop in China. For semiconductor industry production, high-end heavy corrosion chemical industry to provide super-performance, up to customer strict requirements of lining equipment. High purity lining products ensure us to be the qualified supplier of Shanghai SMIC, Beijing Oriental, BASF, AUECC, Taiwan overseas Chemical, Wengfu Group, polyfluorocarbon shares, Juhua shares and other international and domestic well-known enterprises.
With sincere heart, professional technical support , rich experience in processing and production, we warmly welcome new and old customers to visit and supervise our company. 

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