Product introduction :The company applies silicon Siemens methods on production of electronic-grade polysilicon. It is one of the few companies in China that has the ability to massively produce electronic grade ultra-pure polysilicon.
CZ technology of the electronic-grade polysilicon products, and FZ technology of silicon rods represent the highest technology level of the company. Purity of the products reach “11N” with high density. And our company is the only one in China which can produce FZ silicon rods, which has capability to replace import greatly.
Use:Application: CZ silicon products are applied to Czochralski monocrystalline silicon production of semi-conductors, especially large-scale Integrated Circuit, CPU and GPU productions. Meanwhile, they are applied to single crystal production of the high-quality photovoltaic. FZ silicon rods are applied to production of discrete devices, and high power semiconductors IGBT.
Execution standard:GB/T 12963-2009 Specification for polycrystalline silicon

Product introduction :Brief introduction: Our company brings in U.S. REC Silicon FBR-B (the second generation FBR) technology to produce granular polysilicon. It is the only one in China which is capable to massively produce granular polysilicon.
The comprehensive power consumption of the FBR process is significantly lower than that of the Siemens method, which is conducive to reducing the product cost. The continuous production capacity of the FBR reactor for up to 200 days is far superior to the improved Siemens method. The product is sieved and polished, with high surface finish and low impurity content. The small particles and fluidity of silicon products make them play a huge role in downstream applications.
Use:It can be directly used for polycrystalline ingots and single crystal drawing without breaking.
FBR granular polysilicon is used in the production of downstream polysilicon ingots. As a crucible bottom and caulking, it will help to increase the crucible load, increase the unit output of ingot enterprises and reduce production costs.
In the popular single crystal CCZ (continuous straight pull) production process in recent years, granular silicon has the advantage that Siemens bulk silicon is difficult to replace and is convenient for continuous feeding, and is very suitable for continuous drawing of large diameter single crystal.
Execution standard:It can be directly used for polycrystalline ingots and single crystal drawing without breaking.

Product introduction :Brief introduction: As the main product of the company's silane production department, the electronic-grade silane gas has a purity of 99.9999%. At the same time as meeting the needs of ultra-pure silicon production department and FBR production, the company has 500MT/year silane gas filling and sales capacity.
The silane gas products use the agent model to carry out sales work. The REC Shanghai office, as a partner of our company, uses mature market sales channels and operational experience to help us enter the downstream application market more smoothly.
Main application areas of silane gas

Application area
Specific application


Silane gas

Solar battery
 Preparation of silicon nitride anti-reflection film for crystalline silicon battery

Panel display(TFT-LCD)
Silicon nitride insulating protective film, amorphous silicon film
Epitaxial silicon deposition, silicon oxide film deposition, silicon nitride film deposition

Execution standard:Execution standard: GB/T 12963-2009 Specification for polycrystalline silicon