Pentamaster offers a wide selection of World Class Automated Test Equipment that can be integrated with various physical stimuli to test devices such as Discrete & IC, Power Device, Power Module, and Gyno Motion Sensor. 

An expert in providing high-performance AVI solutions to various industries, helping them to meet their needs & requirements. Our solutions are integrated with multiple high accuracy cameras which are capable of performing a wide range of vision inspections to accommodate various packages for different industries.
Singulator 6S Inspection
Lead frame marking and package inspection
Post seal inspection
2D Matrix Code
Unit Aligner to test
Color Defect Inspection

One of the key providers in providing World Class Automated Assembly & Process solutions over various industries. We will first work out individualized concepts for highly sophisticated assembly solutions according to the needs of our customers. Depending on the production volume and the complexity of the assembly process, we produce customized solutions varying from manual and semi-automated workstations to fully automated systems.


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