, DE Manufacturer
Hybrid-pixel X-ray and electron detectors

Shenzhen Angstrom Excellence Technology Co. Ltd

 , CN Manufacturer
Semiconductor front end metrology equipment: optical metrology series for film thickness & properties, and optical critical dimensions; plus X-ray metrology series for film thicknesses, material properties and compositions, surface contamination.

Nikon Metrology Europe NV

 , BE Manufacturer
X-ray and CT Systems, Laser Radar Measuring Systems, 3D Laser Scanners, CNC Video Measuring Systems, Optical Manual Measuring, Industrial Microscopy

In.D Solution Pte Ltd

 , SG Manufacturer,  Custom Manufacturer
automatic vision inspection that is dedicated to Semicon backend front of line operations. We have the world's first 3D inspection running in mass production.

Shenzhen Unicomp Technology Co., Ltd.

 , CN Manufacturer
X-ray intelligent testing equipment for semiconductor and SMT.

Nordson Corporation

 , US Manufacturer
Products used for dispensing adhesives, coatings, sealants, biomaterials and other materials; for fluid management; for test and inspection; and for UV curing and plasma surface treatment.

Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd

 , US Manufacturer
metrology solutions for thin films based on novel, rapid, non-contacting and non-destructive X-ray technology for the Semiconductors industry.


 , FR Distributor
High definition non-destructive control systems for the microelectronics industry.

GNR s.r.l.

 , IT Manufacturer,  Distributor
Optical emission spectrometers, x-ray diffractometers and x-ray fluorescence instruments.

Saki Corporation

 , JP Manufacturer
automated optical and X-ray inspection system for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), semiconductor package, or power module

Shin-Etsu Engineering

 , JP Manufacturer
FPD Equipment:vacuum assembling (SE-LCASV), panel misalignment inspection, Wafer vacuum assembling equipment, X-ray bump/void inspection equipment, Macro inspection equipment, LASER debonding and cleaning equipment, Nanoimprint equipment.

Shimadzu Corporation

 , JP Manufacturer
Analysis/Measurement: Auger, X-ray, Surface Inspection/Flatness, SEM, ESCA, Film Thickness. Assembly/Hybrid Equipment: Base Loaders, Automation & Robotics. FPD Assembly Equipment: Liquid Crystal Injection, Lamination. Test/Measurement

Pacific X-ray Imaging, PXI

 , US Manufacturer,  Service Company
X-ray systems and applications services to the electronics manufacturing industry. X-ray systems for wire bond inspection and failure analysis.

Oxford Instruments

 , GB Manufacturer
Plasma assisted etch and deposition solutions. Failure analysis tools. Inspection and process control equipment.

SEC Co.,Ltd

 , KR Manufacturer
Industrial X-ray inspection system and SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). Flip chip bonder, TAB IC potting system.

Silicon Valley X-Ray

 , US Manufacturer
Advanced packaging inspection and metrology

Lyncean Technologies, Inc.

 , US Manufacturer
Compact Light Source (CLS), a miniature synchrotron x-ray source


 , KR Manufacturer
X-RAY system for Electronics, Automotive, Semiconductor, LED, Battery.

Rigaku Corporation

 , JP Manufacturer
Manufacturers of X-ray analysis, thermal analysis and non-destructive testing instruments.

Bruker Corporation

 , US Manufacturer
Process equipment and metrology systems for current and future semiconductor manufacturing processes. Metrology, cryogenic cleaning, photomask repair systems. X-ray defect inspection and metrology equipment.