Based in San Jose, California, SVXR was founded in 2013 expressly to bring high speed inspection and metrology technology to the semiconductor packaging industry. SVXR’s founders anticipated the need to deploy inline 100% transmissive inspection into the semiconductor packaging manufacturing process and developed the company’s technology with this end in mind. The results, SVXR’s HR-AXI technology suite brings together the company’s unique data acquisition architecture with proprietary machine learning analysis techniques to provide customers with process monitoring and defect detection capabilities not found on any other products in the market.

Our Team
When you work with SVXR, you are working with the best and brightest scientists and technologists in the fields of physics, X-rays, image processing, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. With almost 40% of our employees possessing advanced technical degrees from institutions such as Cal Tech, Stanford, and MIT, SVXR is on the cutting edge of technology.

Founded in 2013, SVXR has deep roots in the wafer fabrication inspection field with a number of key employees having previously worked for leading for e-beam inspection equipment leaders.

Now, with an expanding global presence of applications engineers, SVXR is poised to bring the power of its revolutionary HR-AXI technology to customers around the world.


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