Lyncean Technologies, Inc. has developed a next generation X-ray technology, the Compact Light Source (CLS), which it recently commercialized to bring many capabilities of synchrotron X-rays to local laboratories and industry. The motivation and inspiration for Lyncean’s technology is to extend the value of synchrotron light sources which are typically government owned and operated and require $500M-$1B to build. Synchrotrons have been highly sought for their high-quality, intense X-ray beams, as these public facilities have spawned an immense number of new technologies spanning a broad array of applications. This demand represents a reservoir of untapped opportunity waiting for a small, cost effective and commercially viable synchrotron-like X-ray source. Lyncean’s breakthrough technology has made it possible for the reduction in size and cost of synchrotron X-ray sources by a factor of 100; thereby allowing a paradigm shift for research and industrial applications that had been limited by the availability and location of such X-ray capacity. The CLS is the first and only technology in the world that can fit in a laboratory and produce tunable-energy X-rays that can approach the quality of X-ray beams produced at synchrotrons. The CLS is the ‘workstation’ analogy to the synchrotron ‘mainframe’ solution, providing local users high-quality X-ray beams for state-of-the-art applications.


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