Shanghai Jiabai Shoes CO,. LTD. specializing in the manufacture of anti-static shoes has been 16 years and in the technology and quality of the industry is a leader, we provide timely tracking feedback and product response to customer problems, delivery on time and other better services. we wish to express our desire to trade with your company and hoping you'd recognise us as a sophisticated supplier.
Our product including:
1, Anti-static safety shoes (fiberglass toe, lighter, more environmental protection).
2, Conductive shoes (the resistance is below 10E5, or the resistance can be stable at the 10E6).
3, Autoclavable shoes (it is sterilized by exhaust pressure steam and pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilization: be used repeatedly 100 times or more. And It can be used in pharmaceutical A/B and C-level clean areas, and can also be used in food or electronic production workshops, etc. ).
4, Cleanroom shoes.
5, Cleanroom clothes.


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