Access Floor Panel
Access Floor Panel
SB Tech has constructed the latest and the most advanced facilities and automated system production line and the overall process is strictly quality controlled through real-time monitoring to provide customers with the highest quality.
Access Floor Panel Products
Access Floor Panel is widely used in various industries, including semiconductor manufacture facilities, various medical facilities, distribution facilities, data centers, and aviation facilities.
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Under Structure
ACCESS FLOOR applied to semiconductor factories and various advanced equipment factories satisfies the requirements of extremely clean environment and allows valid installation of production machines and equipment including re-installation and various other requirements.
Under Structure Products
Under Structure facilities are widely applied at semiconductor manufacture facilities, chemical factories, and data centers and we are studying and developing the products to provide customers with types that fit their needs.

Equipment Pad
SB Tech’ Equipment Pad Technology secures customer satisfaction with highly precise fabrication and installation at the semiconductor and LCD production lines that require highly advanced technology.
Equipment Pad Products
We are making efforts to construct high-quality facilities by choosing types per customer request and securing precise engineering and fabricating processes.

High Performance Materials
Based on nanomaterial technology, the company implements technology that satisfies the characteristic standards required by display and electronic sectors

Our technologies are used in functional materials to meet customer needs in a variety of areas, including display, print and electronic, as well as automotive, architecture sectors.

This is the panel type that is widely used to control contamination by worn conductive tiles and prevent contamination by chemicals.

This is the panel type used to manage the valves of toxic pipes under the panels in the Clean Room.
This is the bottom structure that distributes the load on top of the top of panel and can be customized according to the panel’s grade. The height can be adjusted within a certain range and it enables fast installation, demolition and transfer. The specifications may be adjusted by the combination of aluminum and steel materials.

This is used to join the Access Floor with the understructure to secure the anti-seismic stability of facilities.


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