● AC Servo Drives & Controller business
●Drives business

Motion & control products including AC servo drives and controllers are incorporated in production equipment for electronic parts, semiconductor parts, etc., that require high precision. Our AC drives are used in social infrastructure, such as HVAC, escalators, elevators, etc., and contribute to energy-savings.

●Arc and spot welding robots
●Painting robots
●Handling robots
●Clean/vacuum transfer robots for semiconductor and LCD- manufacturing equipment

The segment supplies vertical articulated robots as key products to contribute to the automation of welding, painting, assembly, conveyance, etc., at production sites of automobile-related markets and various other fields.

●Steel plant business
●Social system business
●Environment & Energy business
●Industrial electronics business

The segment mainly targets the market of various large-scale plant facilities, such as steel plants and water treatment plants, as well as large-scale cranes for which stable operation is essential.

●EV drive system


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