Wuxi Awing Technology Co., Ltd.is a young and dynamic new technology company specializing in the development and market application of plasma/plasma cleaning technology and equipment, and is committed to occupying a place in the cutting-edge high-end plasma cleaning technology.
The company's core team has been engaged in plasma cleaning and surface treatment research for more than ten years. The products have been widely used in integrated circuit IC packaging, LED packaging, LCD chip, component packaging, thick film circuit packaging, engineering plastic surface treatment and other processes. The in-line plasma cleaning machine produced by our company has significantly improved product reliability and yield compared with the traditional method. At the same time, the performance and productivity are better than imported equipment, and it has good cost performance. In addition to standard plasma cleaning equipment, our company can also customize large, medium and small vacuum chamber plasma cleaning equipment according to customer's specific requirements to meet customers' surface treatment requirements for different products, and customize various On-line mode plasmas. Cleaning equipment, connecting upstream and downstream with customer production lines, reducing personnel participation and achieving high automation production lines.
The future cleaning field has broad prospects, especially in the field of fine cleaning. We will continue to leverage our technology and market advantages, and strive to create a first-class fine cleaning team to help customers solve the process problems caused by micro-polluting in the production process and achieve win-win cooperation.  


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