Critical measurements for process development and control
"MIA Labs works with leading SEMI companies to provide science-intense metrology support to solve every day manufacturing and process development problems."
​Andrei Li-Fatou, Founder and CEO
Semiconductor manufacturing support with SIMS
SIMS is fast to results and has superior precision, detection limits and depth resolution.

For these reasons SIMS is well suited for semiconductor production support and process development. However, high cost of tool ownership and PhD level expertise required to operate  equipment and analyze data are major barriers for semiconductor companies to fully utilize its capabilities.

MIA LABS has changed that by bringing together world-class experts in SIMS technology and equipped them with most capable tools from top vendors. The results was a highly optimized facility with streamlined processes.

All with one goal in mind: to support production and development efforts of our customers.

This combination of dedication, best equipment and expertize allows MIA LABS to outperform competion whether external labs or in-house facilities. 

Key Advantages

MIA LABS has the lowest overhead cost among competion.

 In addition, being a highly specialized facility allows us to optimize processes and  workflow to deliver major cost savings to our customers.


Our customers engage in daily innovation at a very competitive pace. Speedy results are critical to keep production going and introduce new products timely.

MIA LABS optimized work flow  delivers results when they are needed, often in 24 hours or less.


Accurate long-term SIMS data requires stringent quality control via numerous expertly performed calibrations and SPC.

SIMS service from another supplier or an in-house facility  may lack such control resulting in data incosistencies and production setbacks.

Second sourcing is also critical  for competitive bids and supply chain redundancy.

Building a Long-Term Industrial Partnership
SIMS testing of Epitaxial Materials
Epitaxial growth is very sensitive to MOCVD reactor performance and cleanliness. A slight variation of processes or contamiantion can result in poor device performance if not checked regularly.

SIMS testing of Thin Films and ALD
Many semiconductor companies choose to outsource complex testing such as SIMS.

This is smart. The cost to maintain in-house SIMS capability is quite high while throughput is low...

SIMS testing of Interfaces  
Interfacial contamination is very common and critical to device performance and reliability. Dynamic SIMS depth profilign is the right tool to check for any contamination and accurately measure any element from hydrogen to uranium.

SIMS testing of Ion Implantation
Ion implantation is at the core of semiconductor manufacturing process. SIMS allows for accurate and precise measument icluding dose, energy whether anneal or not.

Explore materials deeper with Dynamic SIMS
R&D is getting very expensive and science-intense. Let our expert do the heavy lifting when it comes to expertize intense tools like Dynamic SIMS

Silicon CMOS and Analog 
Silicon CMOS technology is very advanced and continue to progress to smaller geometries. 

SIMS has been instrumental to advance development by enabling ultra shallow junction formation and precise control of doping and anneal.

InP and MOCVD support
Indium Phosphide (InP) is a key semiconductor material for telecom.  Lasers, photodiodes and waveguides fabricated on InP operate at the optimum transmission window of glass fiber, which enable efficient fiber communications.  

GaAs and VCSEL support
III-V wide bandgap semiconductors are going through explosive growth and adoption across many industries.  Renewed interest in VCSEL devices brings new requirements to control epitaxial process and performance.

GaN and HEMT support
Gallium nitride (GaN) offers fundamental advantages over silicon. In particular, the higher critical electrical field makes it very attractive for power semiconductor devices with outstanding specific dynamic on-state resistance and smaller capacitances compared to silicon MOSFETs, which makes GaN HEMTs great for high speed switching. 

Let our experts do the heavy lifting when it comes to expertize intense tools like Dynamic SIMS

R&D support
R&D is getting very expensive and science-intense. Let our expert do the heavy lifting when it comes to expertize intense tools like Dynamic SIMS.


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