3D Wafer Bump & Wire Bonding AOI Inspection system

Highest quality 3D Wire-Inspection.
With high-resolution, complete inspection is possible even
for Foot-shape.
Inspect Mirror-surface without Reflection problem.
As for PEMTRON'S unique optical technology,
Coaxial lighting was applied to 3D installation.
All Packages including
SIP / FCBGA / FOWLP / FOPLP / WLCSP can be dealt.
AOI + SPI Multi-Hybrid System.
With high resolution quality, inspection of small and dense parts such as
Bump, Mini LED, parts lower than 009004, etc. are optimized.

Wafer Bump 3D Vision Inspection

Conduct with PASS Buffer when REWORK Part with Multiple NGs
Function to start manufacturing with the REWORK Parts during
Apply the LOAD PORT substitute loading system during UNLOADER PART
ATM inspection
AIR CHUCK Works on Both 8-inch(200mm), 12inch(300mm) WAFER
Users can output and monitor the designated DATA by Using the
self-developed SPC SW, such as data, defective images,
and charts.
PEMTRON SMARTRON server system allows user to view and control each
device through one operation PC to monitoring the
operational status and SPC DATA of all equipment
Using 3D Inspection Methodology to process the BUMP Inspection
Reduce resources to check and debug the fault defects based on the
outstanding inspection precision


Scanning Electron Microscope
SEM is designed by automated optimal vacuum processing when
replacing the sample and it takes only 3 minutes to reach vacuum.
In addition, Auto control, User Recipe, and Navigation functions
are available for easy SEM use.

High Performance & Accessible Price
The PS series offers customers the best resolution ever made
by using Tungsten-filament SEM which has a 3.0nm resolution,
but at a price near the affordable Mini-SEM.
GUI that maximizes user's convenience
Image Manager
User Recipe
Auto Control


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