To whom it may concern,

If you do a business related to semiconductor production, please pay attention to the refurbish service of RC TECH.
RC TECH Co., Ltd. is a company that is playing a key role in the semiconductor and display market in recognition of our superior technology and constant innovation with up-cycling.

At RC TECH, we possess a wide range of technologies that can provide various services for the Furnace equipment of TEL and other companies.
The re-use of refurbished equipment can reduce your production costs and can also enable the use of new functions such as dry cleaning, parts exchanging(Hastelloy), seal cap heater, and so on.

Currently, we are producing various facilities that are required for the manufacturing of high-end semiconductors and display products.
We have our own equipment experts to internalize our core technologies, enabling refurbish support for both H/W and S/W.
Now, we are striving to export our products and services to the global market in several countries with our technologies, positioning us as a successful business partner with creative solutions.

Hope this contact gives us further opportunity to have a business relationship between us.