aBeam Technologies offers a variety of products to improve semiconductor manufacturing and nanofabrication. Our software aids in the simulation and optimization of nanolithography, mask-making, metrology and defect inspection, as well as in the design and optimization of semiconductor equipment. We also sell SEM functionality extension tools.

Top level maskmaking
Top Level Photomasks
Our software simulates and optimizes electron beam lithography, including charging placement error, resist heating, as well as resist exposure and development. Other products optimize chrome etch and metrology for masks. [more...]

Electron Beam Lithography
Electron Beam Lithography
Our products include simulation tools to understand and optimize electron interactions with materials, electron scattering, charging, heating, energy deposition, etc. [more...]

Dry etch
Dry Etch
Our software simulates the dynamics of etch profiles, including trenching, footing, dispersion, and microloading. The software can also handle complex processes such a double patterning. [more...]

Top level masks
Test Chips
The company manufactures custom test chips and has a variety of off-the-shelf test chips.The sizes are from 5 mm to 300 mm wafers. Minimum feature size for a unique pseudo-random chip is 1.5 nm.

Xenos pattern generator
SEM Functionality Enhancement Tools
Convert your Scanning Electron Microscope into a nanofabrication tool with an advanced pattern generator. You can also add a high accuracy stage and beam blanker. [more...]

TRAVIT EBL screenshotTRAVIT EBL software is used to simulate energy deposition and resist development in electron beam lithography.The model takes into account the resist characteristics, exposure parameters, layout, beam blur, diffusion length in the resist, 2D and 3D point spread functions, etc. [more...]


DISPLACEDISPLACE software models charging and displacement of the electron beam due to charging effects on the target's surface. Exposure of the resist layer to a charged beam causes an injection of holes and electrons into the layer. DISPLACE uses advanced physical models to describe the dynamics of surface charging and beam deflection. [more...]

TEMPTATIONTEMPTATION predicts temperature rises in electron beam lithography. Temperature variations lead to changes in resist sensitivity, and thus to variations in critical dimensions. This problem is especially important in maskmaking, where the substrate is of poor heat conductivity, as well as in direct write EBL, where the writing speed is extremely high. [more...]

Screenshot of SCATT
SCATT is a software tool used to simulate light scattering on microelectronic patterns. The software is based on the rigorous coupled wave analysis (RCWA) physical model.The software is equipment-independent and utilizes a user friendly 3D graphical user interface. [more...]



Screenshot of TRAVIT Dry Etch
TRAVIT Dry Etch simulates plasma and wet etch. The software predicts etch profiles, CDs, and CD-variations for various patterns and processes, including microloading effects. This is the only software on dry etch in maskmaking; it can also be applied to wafer etch. [more...]



SEM Tools
XENOSXeDraw and XPG-2 are both pattern generators; they convert any SEM into a lithography system. Attached to a conventional SEM, focused ion-beam, or dual beam tool, they upgrade the system to perform nanolithography or MEMS fabrication. A beam blanker and a precision stage are also available that can be installed into the SEM without taking apart the column. [more...]
Pattern Generators
Beam blanker
Nanoimprinted fresnel lens on a fiber
Fiber photonics
A high-quality photonics integrated into an optical fiber as a low-cost and easy-to-use solution for wavefront manipulation. Specific designs are optical elements on the fiber such as beam shapers, focusing lenses, and vortex faceplate. Designs and manufacturing of fiber optics up to customer?s specification is available; the technology was transferred to HighRI Optics, Inc., please send inquiries to them. 



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