China Leading Optoelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. The founding team is all semiconductor equipment professionals from Silicon Valley in the United States. It is a Chinese solution provider in the field of high-end optical inspection in the pan-semiconductor industry.

The company's main business is dominated by automatic optical inspection equipment (AOI) for the flat panel display industry (FPD) , with integrated circuit (IC) industrial process inspection equipment as the forefront, and solar cell (PV) industrial inspection equipment as its expansion. In the FPD field, the company's AOI products have formed a complete product family, with detection sensitivity reaching sub-micron level ; in the IC field, the detection equipment products cover the two major applications of detection and measurement in the manufacturing process.

The company's core technology originates from independent intellectual property rights, and has accumulated more than 100 domestic and foreign invention patents and software copyrights. The company has undertaken a number of major projects at the national, provincial and municipal levels, providing fast and high-quality customized equipment and technical solutions for pan-semiconductor industry manufacturers.

Flat panel display amorphous silicon array inspection (a-Si Array)
Array-offline automatic optical inspection equipment (Offline)
Array-Online automatic optical inspection equipment (Inline)
Array-Automatic Line Width Measurement Equipment (CDOL)
Array-Macro Inspection Machine (Macro)
Array-Two-dimensional code laser coding equipment
Flat panel display amorphous silicon color film inspection (a-Si CF)
CF-series offline and online automatic optical inspection equipment
Flat panel display low-temperature polysilicon array detection (LTPS Array)
LTPS-line width measuring equipment
LTPS-series offline automatic optical inspection equipment
Flat Panel Display Organic Light Emitting Diode Inspection (OLED)
OLED-offline automatic optical inspection equipment
Flat panel display mask inspection (Mask)
Mask-offline automatic optical inspection equipment
Semiconductor chip inspection
IC-offline automatic optical inspection equipment


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