Founded in 2007, EPM-Chanbond Technology (Shanghai) Industrial Co.,Ltd (EPM-Chanbond) is headquartered in Wuhan, China and owned an advanced R&D laboratory in San Diego, USA. EPM-Chanbond is a leading supplier of polymer adhesive materials in the industry. Based on more than 10 years of development history in the industry, we have accumulated sufficient experience in the fields of communication, microchip encapsulation, consumer electronics, CMOS, RFID, LED display lighting and etc. At the same time, we provide services to customers in global market with continuous research & development investment, technology innovation and rich support of agencies.

EPM-Chanbond pays great attention to independent research & development and innovation, and has obtained several invention and utility model patents. The polymer adhesive materials produced by us have been successfully certified and recognized by many customers both in Chinese domestic and International overseas, and has become a member of “Made in China” to participate in the international market competition in the field of microchip encapsulation and electronic products manufacturing.

EPM-Chanbond takes becoming the world leading polymer material supplier as our vision, the advanced research & development technology as the core, the high quality customer service as the guide; and takes the creation and integrity to make greater contribution to the development of China’s electronic materials industry.

A. Flip Chip C. Special Purpose Die Attach Adhesive
B. Die Attach Adhesive D. Conductive, Non-Conductive Die Attach Adhesive
(1) Use new type epitoke as base material, improving the reliability and anti-seismic
behavior of the product. (2) Use new type curing agent, improving the room-temperature stability of the product, keeping the product's fast curing properties under a relatively low temperature. Use unique material, make the product possess fast curing ability under ultra low
temperature. Low moisture absorption and low modulus make the product can pass
reliability tests of electronic components.
Advanced technology for special purpose chip adhesive, LED
sealant, LOCA, Under Fill, Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive and
adhesive for medical use. Flip Chip Technology and Integrate Circuit Packaging Technology for
conductive / non-conductive die attach adhesive and UV cured adhesive