CPI Chongia Precision Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a technology company that has been focusing on precision molds and their products, development and manufacturing for many years. Currently it has more than 150 patent certificates. It has more than 120 sets of stamping dies and 150 sets of plastic dies.The company has passed four international management system certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO / TS16949, and OHSAS18000. The main products are precision terminals, high and low frequency connectors, memory card holders, LED brackets, and other hardware and plastic precision electronic parts. PCMCIA and LED brackets are one of the most competitive and influential companies in Greater China.All members of the company are committed to making the registered trademark "CPI" into a world-renowned outstanding supplier brand of precision electronic components. It was launched in 2012. The listing application process is currently underway. .Group membersTaiwan company Continental Plant (Export) Continental Plant (Domestic Sales) Electroplating industry OfficeTaiwan Chongia Precision Industry was established in July 1985 with 100 employees Boluo Chongia Precision Industry was established in April 2001 with 250 employees Boluo Chengchuang Precision Industry was established in September 2006 and employs 1,200 people Boluoli to Hardware was established in September 2006 and employs 1,200 people Shenzhen, Xiamen, Sichuan, Shanghai, Kunshan, Xi'an, BeijingDevelopment historyJuly 1985 Stamping company was established in Xinzhuang, TaiwanPurchased a new Guishan plant in December 1990April 2001 Established Continental Plant-Bo Luo Stamping Precision Industry Co., Ltd.Passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in November 2002Established ISO14001 International Environmental Management System Certification in August 2004September 2006 Established Continental Plant-Bo Luo Cheng Chuang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.August 2011 Passed OHSAS18000 International Occupational Health Management System CertificationPassed ISO / TS16949 international automotive industry quality management system certification in February 2011Established plating factory in November 2011-Bo Luo Li Zhi Hardware Co., Ltd.Chongia Precision Industry Co.,